Primetime presents at ASCCA 2021 Annual conference

Primetimes CEO Peter Tyndall was very pleased to present via video conference,   “Retirement planning for a rich quality of life in your golden years” to the membership of ASCCA, the Australian National Peak Body – Empowering Seniors Through Technology. Attached is the you tube link which goes for about 20 minutes  A copy of the hard […]

Capitalise on new technology skills learned to save thousands

A peak body for older Australians, COTA ,has confirmed through its survey what the media have been broadly stating for some time now, and that is, over 20% older Australians are now using new technology for the first time and around 30% have increased their social media to stay connected. What this offers is a huge […]

Family meeting
Primetime in the news-Getting ahead on Estate Planning

With the feeling of health vulnerability being experienced amongst seniors, this has had a significant impact on their adult children as well as they strive to ensure their parents are looked after should a health “trigger” event occur. This article, written in response to the issue, was published by the West Australian Your Money section […]

Just what does the Primetime system cover?
Primetime videos

So just what is in this Primetime system I have been hearing so much about? Well this is easy to suss out. Just watch the videos.

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Plan for the worst and hope for the best

What might seem a little distasteful to think about but nevertheless important is: If I or one of my parents become incapacitated, who might be able to make decisions and carry on on my/their behalf? Up to date Enduring powers of attorney, Enduring powers of guardianship, Wills and Advanced health directives are all essential but […]

20 Minute home workout for seniors

In this period of home detention many seniors aren’t getting their workout fix. What is crucial for people as they age is the irreparable muscle loss and the implications on physical and mental health and well being.

Evaluation system now available free

The ever popular retirement evaluation program is now offered for free. The free offering includes the questionnaires and personal reports together with the built in action planner and referral service. Get started now.  

CASE STUDY-Save thousands by comparing costs of home care

A study over 6 home care providers showed that the difference in total costs for the same services varied by around 40% a year resulting in the higher cost providers charging thousands of dollars a year extra and leaving people out of pocket as the government funding fails to cover the higher costs. The way […]

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Beware of the lack of cost transparency over home care packages

The complexity around how service providers charge for government funded home care packages can mean those with home care needs may be out of pocket to the tune of thousands of dollars a year. In order to get the best value for their allocated government funding it is necessary to shop around and compare apples […]

Understanding the long term financial impact of downsizing

Not understanding the longer term impact of downsizing can result in over $400,000 in wealth loss over 10 years according to the analysis performed by Primetime. Pro active longer term planning over accommodation choices are vital for many people and understanding all the in and outs can be the difference in affording quality health care […]

Latest product launched-planning support for families with older parent (s)

 Dealing with the sensitive matters of getting more involved with helping parent (s) plan when they are ageing. Due to overwhelming requests from families who want to help, but are struggling to manage their ageing parents,  I am pleased to have built and now launched the Elderplan support package which is now available on subscription. Simply […]

Issue for retirees who have private companies and trusts

Trusts and private companies are used for many families during their working and business lives. The issue arises when they retire.

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Crucial to compare retirement villages and crunch numbers before signing a contract

Check this table out to see how the exit fees range for different retirement village operators. These are actual contract terms from 6 different retirement village operators.

Here is a great example of how to learn and use new technology

  A challenge for Primetime (and many other market place disruptors) is how to engage people in embracing new systems and technologies which involves learning something unfamiliar and doing things differently. Even when there is a benefit, the fear of change can invoke paralysis. Here is an example of how the progressive retirement village operator Belswan […]

Aged care-avoid nasty financial surprises when entering aged care-the devil is in the detail

  There can be nasty financial surprises when entering into aged care and the devil is in the detail The financial consequences of inadvertently providing incorrect information to Centrelink were significant to the calculation of residential aged care fees and accommodation costs for a centenarian resident (Bob) when the provider said Bob owed an additional […]

The Parental Shift

As Australia’s population is ageing, a shift is occurring – planning for your own parent’s later years is becoming an ever-increasing reality. By 2060, a quarter of Australia’s population will be over 65. Source: By 2060, Australia’s population likely to reach 42 million, says Productivity Commission paper. With this growth in the aged population, you […]