A Primetime plan consists of:

Report imageCover pagePersonal, comprehensive, evaluation report and planning reports are generated through online questionnaires. The reports are easy to read and include feedback and recommended actions. They  can be viewed on screen, saved,  printed out and shared.


ToolkitTools such as long term budgets, checklists and planners which enable action to be taken and plans to be completed.


Calculator tools
Checklists tools
Accommodation toolsAccommodation tool contents page

if_file-manager_17904A personal online filing cabinet to keep all your necessary information and documents electronically secured and safely stored. This is already set up with folders to it is easy for your to file and others to find if they need access.

Filing cabinet screenshot

Meeting clientsHelp from skilled professionals readily available through the referral option in the action planner.


Have a look through our video to get a feel of the system



Who completes Primetime planning ?

Singles or couples who have finished work or are tantalisingly close.

Older singles or couples where the Older person at the computerplanning focus is on proactive planning through the latter stages of life. (Contact us to get access to this newly released product)

Children where families want todepositphotos_69124511-stock-photo-ill-father-making-a-last help parents who might not have computer skills or understand about the new fangled internet. (Contact us to get access to this newly released product)

Supporting organisations and Meeting clientsadvisors to assist people with their planning. This is strongly endorsed as a way organisations and advisors can work with their clients ensuring all bases are covered, and nothing slips through the cracks.