How do I engage a Primetime consultant?

Simply call us or email us. We will have an initial discussion of your needs over the phone and you can decide if you want to proceed.

What about if I need advisors such as a tax accountants or financial planner. How do we engage them and who pays those costs ?

We are happy to assist our clients by provide a referral to a specialist when asked. We respect our clients independence and right to choose who they might use in obtaining specialist advice.

Primetime do not engage specialists directly for our clients or have specialists in our business. We have referral partners who provide specialist services but they are not part of our business. If a client wants Primetime to refer them to a specialist then they can do this through the action planner options.

The costs of engaging other advisors is outside of the Primetime fees and is negotiated directly between a Primetime client and the service provider. Primetime may have a commercial arrangement with the service provider and collect either a referral fee, booking fee, administration fee or other fee directly from that provider as negotiated with that service provider.

Primetime does provide consulting services to assist clients and are happy to help. The consulting service is not a specialist service.  We don’t provide tax advice , legal advice, financial planning services, medical advice or psychology. We can discuss the difference between ElderPlan consulting and specialist advice when addressing your specific needs.

When a client wants to engage a Primetime consultant this will be a separate engagement with separate fees.


What about if I want to get a Primetime personal service package but then self manage down the track ?

We expect that people might need personal service early in planning stages but then be able self manage or get less help as they get more comfortable with the planning tools and major planning steps have been implemented.

The Primetime integrated planning system is very flexible and clients can change plans from year to year. What is a good solution is to transfer from personal service to self manage service and then use ad hoc consulting services as needs arise.

What are the costs of a Primetime plan ?

The costs of a Primetime package are based on three types of fees.

The first cost is an Evaluation cost. This is a cost to do an Evaluation and receive an Evaluation report.

The second is a subscription based service with a number of service levels and this is charged yearly in advance.

The third fee is a consulting fee based on a personal service for our clients. The client usually contacts us and discusses their needs. We will then provide a written fee estimate. The consulting fees are for clients who have completed an evaluation or have an elderplan self manage subscription who need some extra help.

The costs of the Evaluation and Subscription packages can be found at the Products and Pricing page of the website.

What does a Personal planning service include and why does it cost more ?

A personal planning service is just that…. personal.  The cost is because experienced and knowledgeable people provide the service and it is only fair that people are paid for their time and experience.

What we do is:

Meet with our clients. If they are remote this might be through skype or by phone.

We go through the completed Evaluation and plan components or help them to complete it.

Discuss the issues and options.

Agree on an action plan.

Organise any other specific skilled advisors that clients need.

Assist in completing the relevant action planning tools if needed (ie budgets and checklists)

Follow up and monitor planning progress.

What information do I need to have when I complete the Primetime Evaluation or a Primetime planning component ?

The evaluation is about facts and feelings around your circumstances as they stand at the moment of completing the survey questionairre. Questions should be able to be answered straight off the top of your head. It doesn’t matter if you are unsure of an answer. All this means is that the planning actions would be to clarify the situation at a later point.

Why is the Evaluation a fee per Evaluation and not subscription based

The Primetime offerings are designed to be affordable and flexible.

The purpose of the Evaluation is to provide a snapshot of your circumstances and feelings in relation to relevant issues that affect or might affect the quality of your life in retirement. The output is a comprehensive planning tool consisting of a personal report  with recommendations and a personal action plan.

The Evaluation should be done regularly as a way of monitoring your changing circumstances and feelings.

The Primetime plan itself is something that is an ongoing process and deals with the recommendations and actions raised in the Evaluation. They go hand in hand and if a Primetime annual subscription is taken, the Evaluation can then be accessed as part of the planning package at no extra cost other than the annual subscription.

If people  choose to do the Evaluation but not the Primetime integrated planning system, then this offers the flexibility to do this.