The Primetime program is comprehensive yet simple to understand and implement. This is because we break down  planning aspects into components making it easier to plan and take action.

Each aspect of planning through the Primetime system is linked to a specific component. This applies from the initial Evaluation questionnaires through to the action planner, templates and implementation tools.

  • Retirement Stages & Planning
  • Primetime Evaluation
  • Personal Primetime Plan
  • Primetime Tools

Retirement Stages & Planning

Primetime planning recognises there are 4 distinct phases through retirement which may span over 20 years.

Each phase of retirement has distinct planning needs, which if addressed proactively, will maximise the joy of your Primetime retired life.

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Primetime Evaluation

In order to be able to be plan for a rich and meaningful life after work life it is important:

  • to know where to start,
  • to have a clear path; and
  • be able to adapt if circumstances or feelings change.

An Evaluation enables this as it is a systematic and thorough review of the facts and feelings covering all planning aspects.

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Personal Primetime Plan

The Primetime Plan program is comprehensive yet simple to implement because it is broken down into its components and, in some cases, sub components. Each of the components or sub components can be addressed separately and as the need arises.

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Primetime Tools

In many cases the difference between being able to identify planning needs, (which is fairly easy using the Primetime process) and being able to successfully implement planning, comes down to a few key factors.

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