Primetime recognises 4 distinct phases through retirement which may span over 20 years.

Each phase of retirement have distinct planning needs, which if addressed proactively, will maximise the joy of retired life and live up to the term “Primetime”.

Some aspects of planning are “constants”. This means that they planning should be done early and then maintained through life.

Other aspects are “specifics”. This means they are more likely to be more important at a specific stage of retirement.

An overview of the Retirement stages and then a brief overview of each stage is set out below.


Transition to your primetime 

This is where retirement is imminent. Your time is not yet your own and is still a concept not yet fully experienced. Planning at this stage often consists of financial planning, taking care of business, and planning to tick off those first few bucket list items “getting all your ducks in a row”.

Early years of Primetime life in retirement

The Primetime plan considers up to the first 5 years after retirement as the early years.  This is considered to be a very tricky period of “change management” at a very personal level.

Primetime years

Once a person has fully adjusted to retired life, this should be “the sweet spot”.


If planned well, high quality of living, or Primetime years, should extend through life. It nevertheless should be recognised that inevitably, people need assistance at some point in their latter years and this is largely overlooked and under planned by many people.  With Primetime planning we ask the “what if” questions so that ageing is considered and planned for early.