A challenge for Primetime (and many other market place disruptors) is how to engage people in embracing new systems and technologies which involves learning something unfamiliar and doing things differently.

Even when there is a benefit, the fear of change can invoke paralysis.

Here is an example of how the progressive retirement village operator Belswan and Primetime have collaborated to make it work for Belswans’ residents.

  1. Belswan are making the Primetime system available for their residents at no cost.
  2. A number of tech savvy retirees volunteer to be come the superusers. These people typically enjoy new technology and have a real desire to embrace new and improved internet services.
  3. Primetime train up the volunteer superusers so that they become knowledgeable and comfortable they can use the Primetime system and all its components.
  4. The superusers then train up residents who want to use the system and support the residents.
  5. Once the residents themselves become comfortable with the system and a critical mass of people are using the planning system, residents can effectively support each other and it becomes a commonly used  planning tool.
  6. Through the act of planning discussion naturally comes up about common planning topics and issues. The retirement village residents can then source assistance and guidance to address these matters. For example this might be through getting specialist advisors or using the network of support group .

Through effective planning as well as the obvious benefits of residents having peace of mind and making better planning decisions, there are the added benefits such as the residents and the operators developing stronger social bonds and support for each other.

Belswan hosted a community event in August where they asked Primetime to provide a detailed presentation on the Primetime planning system. When, during question time, the managing director Kevin Phillips announced to the group that they would provide the system at no cost to the residents, there was  instantaneous rousing applause.

Here is the link to the event summary.